Age of the Gods Lyrics

Here you will find all the official Age of the Gods lyrics. Click on a title in the list to jump to a particular song.

  1. The August Countenance of Amaterasu
  2. Yamato-Takeru
  3. The Eight-Forked Serpent
  4. Onogoroshima
  5. Slaying the Disobedient
  6. The Creation of Inugami
  7. The Sacred Scrolls
  8. Yomi
  9. Fearsome Emishi
  10. Downfall of the Soga

1. The August Countenance of Amaterasu

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no lyrics

2. Yamato-Takeru

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To the east and west of Yamato
I’ve marched to conquer my foes.
I have brought my sword to the lands
Of Izumo and Kumaso.

To conquer the unsubmissive ones.

I am Yamato-takeru – subduer of the gods.

Land of the clouds and folk of the bear
Have kneeled before me.
They will rot in Yomi, but I,
I have another fate:

I fly away on snow-white wings.

3. The Eight-Forked Serpent

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I’m the one who has been cast down. One
Who is shunned upon.
Driven to descend to Tori-kami
At the head of mighty River Hi.

Where the lair of The Evil One resides
I direct my sight.
On intruder from the wild lands of Koshi
I will test my might.

Serpent of the eight heads and eight tails,
Eyes of crimson red.
Hills and valleys eight his mighty body spans,
Covering the land.

Ancient as the cliffs of Tojinbo,
Trees grow upon him.
On his ever-hungry belly crawls,
Leaving trails of blood.

Yamata no Orochi!
Heed the call of God of Storm!
As I rise my august sword,
Your heads will fall!

You distill some eight-fold fine liquor,
Build a fence around.
At the gates on platforms you install the vats
Of the brew and wait.

Oh, the wit and cunning of the God of Storm
Brings down many foes.
As Yamata no Orochi is slain down,
Rivers flow with blood.

4. Onogoroshima

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Oh, a great maelstrom
Is churning over the waves,
As the shaft of the jewelled spear
Descends from the sky

And disappears in the depths,
Causing chaotic billows to rise
And rage.

The Progenitor of the Land,
Standing on the Heavenly Bridge,
Installs the will
Of the higher Gods.

As the August Spear ascends,
Leaving the ocean tranquil and calm,
Solid rock rises above
The waves.

5. Slaying the Disobedient

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Draw your swords!

We march off to the lands of Yamashiro
To slay the disobedient ones!

The ones with foul hearts
Shall be cut down.

Thus upon reaching the river of Wakara
They stood, only the river separating them.

The treacherous king is struck down
And the enemy runs

Only to be slayed down!

Strike them down!

Cut them to pieces!

6. The Creation of Inugami

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Warlocks of a great nobility
With the knowledge of many secrets,
Yet their deeds are malignant and vile.

If an evil act is needed to
Bring misfortune upon a victim,
Inugami is to be conjured.

One is to take a dog and
Bury it into the ground until
Only the head is visible above.

Then install two bowls of food
And water before the critter’s snout,
Close, but so that they still cannot be reached.

When the wretched beast is driven
Mad with hallucinations and craze,
Take a blade and sever the animal’s head.

Bury it under a street and burn the
Flesh and bones, then put the ashes
On an altar and pronounce the spell:


(Ye, the butchered soul,
Come forth from the underworld.
Wake from the sleep of death
And dispose of your shackles.
Craft the misfortune of my enemies
And fulfill my will)

The creation of the Dog-God!

7. The Sacred Scrolls

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I, O no Yasumaro, say:
With obeisance I produce these scrolls.

The scrolls that contain ancient knowledge,
The scrolls of the tales of Gods.
The lore of my kin,
Lineage of the Sun.

I rise my hand,
leaving the signs behind. Thus I
preserve the wisdom, lest it’s devoured
by time. Many aeons shall pass,
generations shall rise and fall, but the
wisdom shall be preserved forever in
the scrolls.


(With true fear I bow my head)

8. Yomi

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no lyrics

9. Fearsome Emishi

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As the bitter winds
Of a snowstorm blow,
From the frozen wastes
Of the north they ride,
Fierce as the beasts
Lurking in the dark.
People of the bow,
Brethren of the sword.

The fearsome Emishi.

As the clouds go dark,
Warhorns summon death.
Long manes fluttering
Battle horses ride.

Under the light of a pale moon
Gleaming blades strike down from the dark,
Songs of arrows pierce the air,
Red blood steams on shimmering snow.

10. Downfall of the Soga

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Nor riches and treasure,
Nor the scripts of wisdom,
Neither the lives of men
Are eternal.

Even the brightest day
Has its own dusk,
Even the greatest power
Turns into dust.

We are the Soga!

Our graves are in flames,
Our fate has been sealed,
Our will won’t be done,
Our souls fade away.

With our blood we mark the throne,
With our death we stain the court.
As the sun sets, light fades away, but
Darkness is lit with our flames.