Yomi Khurr Yomi Isaz Yomi Andrey Yomi Tom
Khurr Isaz Andrey Tom


The founder of Yomi and the main ideologist of the band.
Instruments: shamisen, shakuhachi, dan-moi, vocals
Associated acts: Varang Nord, Begotten, Sanctum


The first member to support Khurr’s enthusiasm and re-join the band after the initial break-up.
Instrument: guitar
Associated acts: Nelabais


Along with Khurr, Andrey was the founding member of the initial Yomi line-up. He ceased to play for some time, but re-joined the band after Stephanie left.
Instrument: drums
Associated acts: Finger Salad, Escape from Within/Hippocampus


In addition to being a musician, Tom also helps with album artwork for Yomi.
Instrument: bass

Former members

  • Stephanie – drums
  • Elvis – guitar