The history of Yomi starts in Riga, capital of Latvia, in 2013 with Khurr (ex-Sanctum, ex-Begotten), Andrey (ex-Finger Salad, ex-Hippocampus) and Elvis, who joined their powers to play Japanese Folk Metal. Having changed several styles (initially Japanese culture-themed Technical Death Metal, later Japanese Folk Metal) and line-ups (Elvis quit and was replaced by Isaz), the band broke up a year after due to the members not having enough time for playing regularly. Nevertheless, in 2014 Khurr (folk-instruments, vocals) and Isaz (guitar) re-joined as a band, filled the gaps in the line-up – Tom joined them on bass, Stephanie on drums – and Yomi continued its work.

Yomi history

Yomi – The Beginning

First album

In 2015 Yomi released their debut album titled ‘Age of the Gods‘. At first it came out a as demo and was only available digitally. It featured custom cover artwork by Tom, the band’s bassist. Later on it was re-recorded and re-released both digitally and physically (CDs). Khurr and Tom joined their efforts in expanding artwork for this album, creating both the cover and the booklet that also featured lyrics for all the songs.

First concerts

Naturally, Yomi have started spreading Japanese Folk Metal from their hometown, for the first time performing at DEPO club in Riga. Since that they have mainly been appearing on local stages, most often in Melnā Piektdienā club. On several occasions they have also had the honour of warming up such acts as Unearthly and Heaven Grey. In 2016 Yomi went abroad for the first time, bringing Japanese Folk Metal to Vilnius, Lithuania, at nArauti club.

Latest news

In November 2016 the second album named Genpei has been released under SoundAge Productions, and Yomi is currently concentrated on live performances in order to promote the new album.