Yomi is a Japanese Folk Metal band, influenced by several acts such as Skyforger, God of Shamisen, Yoshida Brothers and many other bands, as well as Oriental metal in general.

Yomi band members


The idea behind Yomi is to combine heavy death, black and doom metal riffs with traditional elements of Japanese folk music by the use of folk instruments. Although there are several possible ways of doing this, the one employed by Yomi is an emphasis on producing heavy, low-tuned, growling metal and then contrasting it by atmospheric Japanese scales.


The first and biggest inspiration for Yomi has always been and still is Skyforger – a Latvian Folk/Pagan metal band. Among others there is also God of Shamisen – an experimental heavy metal band which places a shamisen – the Japanese lute – at the core of its music to produce a fusion of different genres and styles.


The current Yomi line-up consists of 4 members – Khurr on vocals/folk instruments, Isaz on guitar, Stephanie on drums and Tom on bass.


As of now, the band employs three Japanese folk instruments. These are:

  • Shamisen (三味線) – a Japanese three-stringed lute
  • Shakuhachi (尺八) – an end-blown flute
  • Dan-moi – a Vietnamese jaw harp