Genpei lyrics are up

Lyrics for our second album, Genpei, are up on the site – feel free to browse!

The lyrics include all the songs from the album:

  1. Gion Bells Toll
  2. The First Battle of Uji
  3. Scarlet Banners
  4. Yoritomo’s Legacy
  5. Battle of Kurikara
  6. All is Void
  7. Fires of War
  8. On an Empty Battlefield
  9. Burning of Rokuhara
  10. Dan-no-Ura

For the lyrics of Nakts Debesu Karakungs (Skyforger cover), refer to their lyrics page.

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Fires of War lyrics video

A lyrics video for Fires of War from our second album Genpei is out!
Check it out on our youtube channel, in the videos section of the website or right below.

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Genpei, the new album, is here!

Yomi’s new album is finally out! Titled ‘Genpei’, the album is based on the history of the Genpei war between the clans of Taira (Heike) and Minamoto (Genji), which many scholars consider to be the first true samurai war. As a result a bakufu military government has been established, and its power, though unofficially, would surpass that of the Emperor for many years to come.

The album has been released by SoundAge Production and will soon be available for purchasing in their official store. We will also soon update our site with all the relevant materials for the album, but for now enjoy the preview teaser and stay tuned for more news!

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Yomi live with Varang Nord and SagittariuS

On November 11th, 2016 Yomi will once again step on the battlefields of Lithuania to fight side-by-side with Varang Nord (LV) and SagittariuS (LT). Be sure to check the Facebook event and our page of the upcoming gigs.

Yomi live Lithuania

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Yomi live with Korpiklaani, Skálmöld and Lightless Moor

On October 23rd, 2016 Yomi will hit the stage together with Korpiklaani, Skálmöld and Lightless Moor at Melnā Piektdiena, Rīga. Hope to see you all there, and don’t be late, ’cause we’re going to play some new songs from the upcoming album for the first time!

Yomi live with Korpiklaani

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Yomi has picks now

With the help of our friendы from Nologo picks, we now have a set of Yomi picks! How does one get such a pick? One goes to a Yomi concert and tries to catch it.

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Yomi has a new drummer

Yomi has a new drummer now – meet Andrey!

So, Stephanie has decided to devote herself to studying film industry in another country, which, unfortunately, leaves no possibility of continuing her work with Yomi. We wish her all the best of luck and thank for all the time spent together as a band.

See the updated Yomi line-up here.

Yomi drummer - Andrey

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Interview with Sword Chant

An interview with Sword Chant, where Yomi discusses the road so far, the upcoming album and the plans for the future:

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Guest vocals on Genpei

On our upcoming album named Genpei, Yomi will be joined by Will Hibben from Fushiryu as a guest vocalist.

For more information on Fushiryuu visit their Facebook or Youtube Channel

Yomi guest vocals from Fushiryuu

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A new single from the upcoming album

After a long and productive rest, Yomi is back again!

Not only have we returned, but we also bring you a new single from our upcoming album.

The song is called All is Void, and the name of the upcoming album is Genpei.

Listen to it here!

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